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Sound and noise insulation

Isopartner - your supplier of sound and noise insulation

Comfortable room acoustics are a crucial factor when it comes to successful building planning. Today, tenants and buyers of buildings expect optimal sound absorption. At the same time, disturbances increase due to ambient noises such as running water, washing machines or the use of blinds. The higher the noise level, the more harmful it is.

Noise occurs where roof or drain water flows through the drain - especially in bends. This can be solved by sound insulation with mineral wool hoses. Be aware that pipe fittings, which are placed directly on the pipe, can direct the sound from the pipe into the wall. Pipe fittings must therefore be mounted on the outside of the insulation or with vibration-damping clamps

ArmaComfort by Armacell

Sound and condensation insulation on wastewater and roof downspouts with ArmaComfort AB Alu plus.

  • Specially designed to reduce noise from roof downspouts and drain pipes
  • Thin, high-performance acoustic sound insulation
  • Easy installation and maintenance


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ROCKWOOL soundboard 

ROCKWOOLL sound plate has dimensions for both steel profiles and wooden posts. The sound plate is developed for those areas that set stricter requirements for sound, and is a heavier and more form-fitting plate compared to ordinary light wool.
The board is used for sound insulation of new and old buildings, special rooms and building parts with a need for insulation against sound, cold, heat and fire.


ArmaComfort Barrier - High performance flexible sound protection

ArmaComfort noise barriers provide a unique reduction in sound transmission. This new sound-absorbing technology makes it possible to add mass to walls and mechanical equipment without sacrificing space - with concealed installation in the construction or visible installation on existing partitions.

Armacell's flexible EVA / EPM boards are designed to meet the main requirements for use in buildings as well as transport-related and industrial applications.


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How soundproof roof drains and drain pipes?

A good soundproof building can be the key to a simpler and more harmonious everyday life.

We give you some info about building technical regulations TEK17 about sound requirements and recommendations here.

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Acoustic insulation makes everyday life easier for most people

Have you ever been in a room where the acoustics are absolutely awful?

The sound bounces between the walls and makes it almost unbearable to stay there. An insulator with expertise in sound insulation can do wonders here.

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