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Process Industry

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Wide range of technical insulation products for the process industry

Energy efficiency and reliability are key words in the process industry. There are important requirements for insulation in all operating conditions. As a customer, you enjoy the protracted professional expertise and flexibility that Isopartner stands for.

Isopartner AS focuses on offering a wide range of products. Our goal is to ensure good and effective solutions for you as a customer.

We stock insulation products from well-known manufacturers and among other products our product range includes:

  • Cold insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation 
  • Fire insulation

Effective reduction of corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Corrosion under isolation (CUI) causes catastrophic failure and prolonged downtime. It is estimated that 40 - 60% of pipe maintenance costs are CUI, costing the oil and gas industry around $ 1 trillion globally per year. The right choice of insulation can reduce downsides and maintenance costs.

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Corrosion under insulation
oil plattform

Reducing corrosion under insulation

Corrosion is the most costly problem the industry has today, both on- and offshore. Due to corrosion under insulation (CUI) on pipes and equipment, companies are forced to repair and / or replace large parts at significant costs. This shortens the life of industrial plants.

Microporous insulation
Insulthin HT

InsulThin® HT - insulation which shortens installation time

Microporous insulation products have high temperature resistance, low heat conduction, are light in weight and have excellent resistance to changes in temperature. They are manufactured according to different specifications when it comes to density and flexibility.

PIR - the "improved version" of PUR
Pir rørskåler i LNG anlegg

PUR or PIR insulation?

Abbreviations can have their disadvantages and advantages, one can misunderstand the content and it can create confusion. Nevertheless, abbreviations can be simplistic and time-saving.

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