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Boost your insulating skills and knowledge with Isopartner

Isopartner cares about professional competences & skills and has set itself the goal of increasing these competences among their customers. For many years, Isopartner has completed training and courses in thermal insulation and passive fire protection. At the same time, customers and manufacturers are invited to the annual Iso Day, Isopartner's own trade fair, where manufacturers, customers and Isopartner employees meet, attend trade seminars and build networks.

Teori Kurs

Armacell installation course

Cellular rubber manufacturer Armacell and Isopartner offer installation courses for insulators. The demand for the course is great, usually there are no more than 10 people per course, as the course leader must follow up participants. The course is part of Armacell's certification program and consists of a theory and practice. Course participants are checked and approved by an Armacell inspector and are given a "certification pass", which they must bring with them in later / further training. The feedback from customers is good and the business leaders are happy that Isopartner is taking on this competence promise.

"There are more and more requirements in the subject and the demand for certificates of competence or certificates is becoming more and more common"

Course in Passive Fire Protection

Courses on passive fire protection previously gathered 50 participants and the feedback was very positive. The course was arranged under the auspices of Isopartner, together with the suppliers from Oryx and Rudolf Hensel. The course started with a theoretical part on laws and regulations in this segment. In addition, there was a product review of fire protection products from Rudolf Hensel, Zapp Zimmermann and Oryx. In the practical part, the course participants were to provide fireproof cold water and / or hot water pipes in a pipe penetrations.

The day ended with a fire test where Hensel's specialist, Jan Koster, tested the fire properties of a fire gasket, cuffs and fire plate.

Trøndelag isolering oryx kurs
Fagmesse med kunder

ISO day - trade fair on technical insulation

Isopartner's trade fair "ISO day" is an annual event and takes place either in Oslo, Bergen or Moss. Customers and partners are invited and exhibitions and seminars are held during the day. The fair contributes to increased professional expertise in technical insulation and customers have the opportunity to get to know Isopartner's locations and employees. This creates trust and good relationships.

Manufacturers such as Rockwool, Paroc, Austroflex, Insulcon, Armaflex and others were present during the fair.