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Thermal insulation

Isopartner - thermal insulation wholesaler for Norway

Thermal insulation is to limit heat loss and to prevent condensation in installations, because clean fresh air provides good indoor climate, increases productivity and better well-being, both privately and at work. At the same time, it is important to save energy.

The insulation or thermal conductivity of a product is an important term in our industry, and how well a product isolates can be seen on the lambda value (λ value). The lower the lambda value, the better the insulation capacity, which in turn helps us save energy. Ventilation ducts that carry hot or cold air through rooms with temperatures that deviate from the duct temperature, must be insulated against energy loss.

Isopartner stocks insulation products from well-known manufacturers. 

Armaflex AF gruppe

Armaflex products

Armaflex products have an optimal combination of a very low thermal conductivity and extremely high diffusion resistance.
This prevents energy loss and moisture uptake over a long period of time, and helps reduce the risk of corrosion during insulation. The built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection and the good fire properties make the product particularly suitable for use in public buildings and the process industry.


Glava Pipe section

Glava Pipe section Climpipe Section ALU2 are used as thermal insulation of pipe systems for HVAC and industrial systems as well as marine. The product consists of non-combustible glass wool with a surface of fiberglass-reinforced aluminum foil equipped with self-adhesive tape. 


glava pipe sections

Industrial pipe section with WR-Tech™ from Rockwool 

WR-Tech™ is an innovative water-repellent binder that reduces the risk of corrosion during insulation.

ProRox PS 960 is a pre-formed pipe section in non-combustible rockwool. The product is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial pipes with high temperature. The product can be delivered with factory-applied reinforced aluminum foil. 


Pipe sections 800 with tape

Pipe section 800 are coated with a reinforced and PE-reinforced aluminum foil. It has self-adhesive tape on longitudinal joints. Pipe sections800 can be used for temperatures up to 650 ° C. The Pipe sections are 1 meter long. 


paroc pipe section

Paroc HVAC section AluCoat T

PAROC HVAC Section AluCoat T is a non-combustible pipe section for heat and condensation insulation of pipelines and ventilation ducts in buildings and ships. It has an outer layer of reinforced aluminum foil with overlap in longitudinal joints, which prevents condensation and provides a quick installation.


Kaiflex ST

Flexible closed cell rubber insulation, Kaiflex ST Class O reliably prevents condensation and reduces energy loss. By incorporating a water vapour barrier into the insulation cell structure Kaiflex ST Class O can effectively eliminate water vapour migration and retain outstanding performance over the entire system life. 

Available in tube, coils and sheets for use on air-conditioning, refrigeration, chilled water, heating and hot water pipes and airdistribution ductwork, Kaiflex ST Class O is versatile insulation with consistent and reliable technical values.



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