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Reducing corrosion under insulation

Optimization of industrial plants with WR technology 

Corrosion under insulation is one of the industry's biggest challenges in terms of materials and has been the cause of several accidents with loss of human life and personal injury, fire and pollution. It is estimated that CUI accounts for 40-60% of the pipeline's maintenance costs. Billions of euros are spent every year on problems caused by corrosion under insulation. Avoiding corrosion under insulation has the following positive effects for industrial plants:

  • reduce security risks for staff
  • ensure continuous process operations
  • minimize maintenance costs

Read more about CUI in Rockwool RTI's Process Manual "Technical Guidelines for the insulation of industrial installations" (excerpt)

How to treat corrosion during insulation? 

Corrosion under insulation is an industrial challenge and must therefore be treated as such from the design phase all the way to the "scrap" phase.

Other important elements are:

  • The design must prevent water penetration and water from entering the system. It must also ensure that there is sufficient space to use the correct surface treatment and install insulation and cladding.
  • The coating system / metallization is the primary corrosion protection and must be selected according to temperature - considering that the system may be exposed to very hot water. Installation of the coating, including surface treatment, is critical for longevity and appearance.
  • The insulation material must be optimized so that it does not further accelerate corrosion
  • Cladding must be installed correctly so that the water is carried away from the surfaces, the seals must be sealed and drainage holes must be provided.
  • Quality control is important throughout the process
  • Finally, inspection routines must be developed and coatings, insulation and coating systems under insulation must be maintained after commissioning.