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With Norway's largest warehouse for technical insulation, Isopartner can offer a wide product range from well-known manufacturers such as Rockwool SeaRox, Paroc, Kaiflex, Armaflex and AESfiber. We work closely with a number of transport companies, which gives us flexibility and room for maneuver to be able to deliver quickly and at favorable prices.

Capable of delivery on a wide range of well-known brands

Our product range includes products for:

  • Comfort and thermal insulation
  • Fire insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Cellular rubber insulation
  • Cladding
  • Accessories
fire mat searox

SeaRox FM 6000 - for improved workability and faster installation

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has introduced the SeaRox FM 6000 series of lightweight Fire Mats for steel and aluminium constructions. Combined with the Fire Boards FB 6000 this opens new design possibilities.

Lightest stone wool product

For decades stone wool has been recognized for its superior product properties and extensive use in the marine and offshore industry. The traditional SeaRox solutions are wellknown for their high performance regarding fire safety combined with excellent thermal, acoustic and water repellent properties.


SeaRox FB 6000 - lightweight insulation solution for passenger ships, naval ships, offshore modules and supply vessels

SeaRox FB 6000 range combines all the qualities of conventional stone wool insulation (highest fire safety, excellent thermal and acoustic properties, highest water repellency grade, global availability) and at the same time lowers the weight up to 40%


visual searox FB6000
SeaRox FB 6000

Comfort insulation with SeaRox MA 720 ALU

SeaRox MA 720 ALU is a soft, lightweight mat made of stone wool. SeaRox MA 720 ALU is supplied as a highly compressed roll. The product is as standard supplied with reinforced alu foil.

The product is used for comfort insulation. The high compression reduces the transport cost significantly.

 All SeaRox products come with a very low water absorption as a standard, offering an optimal solution without any compromises.


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